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PAR meter APPs tested & compared for accuracy - MIGROLIGHT
Can PAR meter apps measure PAR accurately? We have tested the PPFD and Photone App and compared them to a benchmark Quantum PAR meter, the Apogee SQ500. The test was done with and LED and HPS light source and the results are very interesting.
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Grow Lighting Basics - MIGROLIGHT
Grow lights are a specialised lighting fixture designed to deliver the correct color light for plants. Grow lights deliver light at the optimum intensity for healthy and vigorous plant growth.
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What size grow light do I need? - MIGROLIGHT
A guide to maximising the potential yield from your grow space. Ensure you have the optimum grow light wattage for your space for Photoperiod and autoflowering plants. We also cover if it is worth adding CO2.
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SpotOn Quantum PAR light sensor - MIGROLIGHT
The SpotOn Quantum PAR sensor has the same level of accuracy as the best PAR sensors in the market for almost half the price. An excellent tool to optimise your grow lighting setup to maximise the yield from your grow space.
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